About Us

2017: Initially we discussed some prevalent attributes of startups and decided to open a brick and mortar store i.e. VNJ Accessories in tech industry that clearly contributes to the continuous cultivation of creativity and innovation including business, strategy, sales, marketing, technology, operations, human resources and more.                             

2018: In order to expand our business we focused on many different aspects of starting, growing and managing a small business with innovations and curated the finest digital audio products for new dimension of sound.

2019: Afterwards things were taking a turn for better and it goes beyond just starting and funding a business. We became a leading store in the market which was operating offline. The value of our company’s brand name, solid customer base, good customer relations, and proprietary technology represent some reasons for our goodwill.

2020: As the internet becomes increasingly crucial for startups of all types and industries, we launch our new brand ZUSIX online for the purpose of growth of our business.

2021: As the world opens up, make sure you carry your music along with you. Your music deserves the world’s finest audio gear. Discover and cut through the chase and browse through our handpicked collection of products.